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Management of
 Digital Identity.

Discrete estate management of all digital
 activities and contracts of the deceased.

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Pacem Digital offers a solution for undertakers to manage and administrate estates for data on the internet, the "digital estate".

Social networks

Research in all relevant social networks. Deletion of profiles or conversion to 'In Memoriam' according to the heirs' instructions. In the case of business profiles (Xing etc.) we recommend conversion and continuance for a certain amount of time.

Mobile phone

Investigation of all known premium and discount providers (on instruction / suspicion also abroad). Informing the providers of the death of the client, terminating contracts and prepaid accounts.

Online banking

We investigate all German bank and broker accounts (on instruction / suspicion also abroad), inform the banks of the client's death, and balance the accounts.

News und Feeds

Investigation at all known publishers (faz, stern, etc.) whether the deceased had any online subscriptions or news feeds; cancellation of contracts and deletion of customer data.


We identify customer accounts at all common shopping portals (ebay, amazon,, etc.), at well-known online shops (Otto, Zalando, etc.) as well as at all payment providers (PayPal,, etc.). We cancel the accounts, resolve outstanding deliveries, and balance open items or prepayment credit


We contact all providers (Telekom, 1und1, GMX, etc.), arrange the deletion of accounts, and request access to mail content using all lawful means at our disposal. Due to German data protection laws this can be quite difficult, but is, on the other hand, very useful for investigating other contractual relationships of the deceased.

Dating / erotic portals

We identify profiles and user accounts of the deceased at all well-established dating agencies, dating portals, and other providers, rendering the profiles unusable and terminating contracts that are subject to a fee.
As per instruction from the heirs, we can accomplish this without disclosing any information on the profiles found.

Shareholdings / financial investments

Unlike cash accounts at banks, forms of investment where the deceased was shareholder or limited partner are difficult to find. We investigate at all issuing houses (e.g. Koenig & Cie, Ideenkapital, HCI u.Š.) whether the deceased had equity capital there, and inform you of current ownerships and values.

Real estate

We investigate whether there are any search requests or offers for sale at any of the local (e.g. VR-Bank Immo) or national search portals (Immowelt, Immoscout24, Immonet, etc.), inform the relatives, and delete the accounts.


Investigation at all streaming services (amazon prime, myvideo, netflix, etc.) whether the deceased had any film subscriptions, in which case we cancel the contracts and delete all customer data.

Further investigation

In many cases there is information on or simply a hunch where the deceased may have been active or registered, be it providers or platforms. When we receive this information, we incorporate it into our research portfolio and add these providers to our report.

Management of your customer's digital estate in 4 steps:

1. Register

Register with us as cooperation partner.
It's fast and easy.

2. Input

Our aim is to keep your effort at a minimum; therefore every order can be uploaded within a few minutes.

3. Contact

We follow the instructions of the bereaved (first contact / information
etc.). Research results can be viewed at any time in your profile.

4. Analysis

All researched providers are recorded.
If the deceased wasn't a customer there, it is also noted.

Why Pacem Digital?

People leave ever more traces on the internet. These data remain online forever unless they are removed professionally. Some of us have worked as undertaker and often encountered the situation that they couldn't help the heirs in case of problems with the digital estate management.
That's why we developed a solution which offers you as undertaker the possibility to provide your customers with the termination of digital estates without being forced to delve into this difficult subject matter yourself. Transmit your order in just a few minutes, we'll handle everything else!